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 What is Sportz Filmz?

       Sportz Filmz is a company made up of coaches and players dedicated to creating the ultimate coaching and learning tool. Providing a hassle-free, visual learning experience for any player who wants to be a champion.


 Whether you plan to use our films as a training tool, or as a lasting keepsake, the benefits we provide are unmatched in the industry. With features like, rapid turn around time, live streaming, HD content, online analytics, team and player websites, and a highly trained film crew, just to name a few. You will find that Sportz Filmz is the right choice for your sports and event filming needs!

  Every warrior needs the right tools to win, and being able to analyze your battle footage is no exception. 

The greatest players and coaches study game film, shouldn’t you?



  • Rich LeviRich Levi

    Coach, University of Utah Lacrosse 

    “Getting the game film is big. There’s just so much you can’t see during the game.”

    “The turnaround time is huge for us. Getting our game in time to make changes before the next game is very important.”

    “Our players are able to watch it on their own... After they watch it on their own and I talk to them about a play, they know which one I’m talking about.”